CBSC Return to play timelines and club protocols

Please review this information and reach out to the committee if you have any queries.

We assume you are all hyper-aware of how important it is that we wash our hands, sanitize, wear a mask and maintain physical distance at this time.

For these reasons during National Disaster Level 3, and for the foreseeable future life at the club will be slightly different. There is signage all over the club, and further detail contained in the link (, however we would like to highlight the following information about return to play timelines and what to do when arriving at the club.

Club indemnity form

You can do this online and will only take 1 min. No player may play at the club without this being completed.


There is a phased approach in place to ensure not all players return at the same time, as is the practice in most other environments.

Phase 2: Monday 20th of July 2020 
Professional and Provincial players along with level 1 and 2 coaches are allowed to play (as defined and determined by SSA at

Phase 3: Saturday 1st August 2020
Registered league players allowed to play

Phase 4: Saturday 15th August 2020
All members of the club are allowed to play.

Arrival at the club:

  • Complete the screening and indemnity form ( or at the club (located behind the front gate) – no player may play at the club without this being completed.
  • Complete the register and take your temperature (located behind the front gate).
  • Bring your own water bottle with water in it.
  • No mask, no entry. Use a full visor on court.
  • There are sanitizer stations located at each court entrance, the lights computer and the front gate.
  • Sanitise your hands as well as whatever surface you have touched, on or off court, before and after use.
  • No shower facilities will be available (hot water switched off).
  • No drinks may be consumed at the club. 
  • Socialising at the club is not encouraged for now, it’s a play and leave scenario, unfortunately!